About Us

4FRONT, founded by Chris Eddy and Dara Young is based in NYC, a place that breeds creativity and pioneers change. 4FRONT encompasses a multitude of creative disciplines including provocative architectural design, concept creation and brand development.  We provide real estate opportunities and complete finance solutions as well as operations and strategic consulting. As a result, we create a unique identity for each property by instilling a sense of place and emotional connection with a focus on guest experience, .

What We Do

Real Estate

4REAL, our Real Estate Acquisition, Sales and Leasing Division; specializes in off market commercial and residential properties. We Provide Creative Solutions for Real Estate Development and Acquisition from Syndicating Financing to Curating Key Tenants and assembling the core team of leading architects, contractors and engineers.


We Provide Commercial and Residential Real Estate Financing Solutions for Equity, Debt, and Mezz Debt through our network of Strategic Partners. 4FRONT takes a Creative and Holistic Approach to Launch New Projects and Create Platforms to find Solutions for each Project. We have a focus on Hospitality, Entertainment, Residential, and Assisted Living.

Design and Architecture

4FRONT’s Award Winning Design Company, Aviva Collective, was Nominated for Three International Restaurant and Bar Design Awards in 2016/2017 Winning for Bar of the America’s. Our London based Architectural Firm Partner 4M Group (4mgroup.co.uk) is a Global Award Winning FIrm with offices in 5 Countries Worldwide. www.AvivaCollective.com, www.4mgroup.co.uk,